Introducing The First Aroa Genoveva Collection MANUELA

The first three designs are Oasis, Solaire and Sauvage and they are inspired by three environments of the Canary Islands. Oasis refers to the arid, almost desert-like landscapes of the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura but also to the Maspalomas Dunes of Gran Canaria island. These small deserts take you directly to the sea, where everything is incredibly beautiful and where you feel like in an Oasis. Sauvage (which means wild in French) is inspired by the greenest islands, in the laurisilva, as we can find it in La Palma or La Gomera, where the aroma of freshness and nature impregnates you with its fragrance. Solaire (Solar, full of light, in French) are inspired by the sunsets in front of the sea, where the sun sets in the distance over the ocean. These three colours not only represent places in Canary Islands but also a way of being, a spirit. SOLAIRE light up every place they go, they shine on their own. SAUVAGE people overflow with madness and creativity and OASIS will never cease to surprise you with all the beauty and calm they are able to give you.

And of course made it with lots of love!⁠

Aroa Genoveva Shoes on the rocks by the sea