We Chose Our Materials With Extreme Attention, Looking For The Highest Quality And
Environmentally Friendly Practices.

One of our main materials is Peace Silk. It’s uniquely special because of its beauty, quality, and pleasant touch.

The peace silk respects the life cycle of worms, waiting for the transformation and their development, and their subsequent release from cocoons. In consequence, the cocoon is broken and the union of the threads makes a small but very special and lovely imperfections in the fabric. This makes the peace silk special and different from others, like the silk in our Manuela espadrilles.

However, all the silk we work is Peace Silk and we have a limit regarding timing and quantities (smaller than regular silk), due to the fact that we respect the worms natural timing. For this reason, our quantities of sandals and espadrilles are also limited and exclusive.

Our Peace Silk it’s 100% silk and it has the GOTS certificate.

You can read also more information about our colors and the reasons why they are all different.


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