We chose our materials with extreme attention, looking for the highest quality and environmentally friendly practices.

One of our main materials is Peace Silk, also referred to as Ahimsa silk, is a variety of silk that is manufactured with a stronger emphasis on ethical and humane principles. The term "Ahimsa" signifies "non-violence".  The core idea behind peace silk is to generate silk without inflicting harm upon the silkworms as part of the production process.

In traditional silk production, the silkworms are boiled alive in their cocoons to obtain the silk threads. This process results in the death of the silkworms. Peace silk, on the other hand, involves allowing the silkworms to complete their natural life cycle. The cocoons are either cut open once the silkworms have left them or the moths are allowed to emerge naturally. The silk threads are then spun from the open-ended cocoons or collected after the moths have emerged.

While traditional silk production prioritizes maximizing silk yield, peace silk places emphasis on the ethical treatment of the silkworms and the environment. As a result, peace silk tends to have shorter fibers and may be slightly less lustrous than conventionally produced silk. 

Peace silk prioritize sustainability, animal welfare, and ethical. It's a way to enjoy the luxurious feel and appearance of silk while minimizing harm to living creatures. 

Our Peace Silk it’s 100% silk and it has the GOTS certificate.


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