100% handwoven natural peace silk
Silks of the Oasis and Sauvage models are hand-woven on
old looms over 200 years old, by women who weave in their homes.
Peace Silk is uniquely special because of its beauty, quality, and pleasant touch.
Peace silk respects the life cycle of worms, waiting for the transformation and their development,
and their subsequent release from cocoons.
In consequence, the cocoon is broken and the union of the threads makes a small but very special and lovely imperfections in the fabric.
This makes the peace silk special and different from others.

Natural Colors

Dyes are handmade by our craftswomen using natural colours. The natural colors origin is in flowers, vegetables, fruits, basically in all the colors we see in the most beautiful landscapes and every dye is different.


Natural dye by Aroa Genoveva

  Organic Franco Belgian linen

Best flax in the world can be found in the area between Caen, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.
These regions, with their rich soil and temperate North Sea
climate, offer the perfect alternation of sun and rain for the best quality flax.
Our supplier maintains local production and weaves its own linen.


Insoles are made of coconut and cork and glued with resin.


 Jute platform hand braided

The jute platforms are handwoven in the traditional way by craftsmen in the south of Spain.

Made in Spain

Our pieces are manufactured in Spain
in factories of the highest quality.