"Aroa Genoveva born inspired by a family tradition that dates from more than a hundred years ago, it comes from the Canary Islands. In La Palma, my great-grandfather, Manuel, founded a family business and craftsman. In his small workshop he created and repaired shoes, focused mainly on sandals and espadrilles.

When he died, the workshop closed, then my grandmother, Genoveva, took the baton and she continued transmitting their passion for shoes to our family.     

Years later, it was my turn to carry on the tradition. I created Aroa Genoveva, I imagined a world between the delicacy of Paris and the natural wealth and art of the Canary Islands. Focusing on the quality of raw materials, eco-responsibility and craftsmanship to create unique and timeless pieces, with a touch of modernity that aims to sublimate the female figure. At the same time reinterpreting the old models that my great-grandfather used to create in his workshop in La Palma." - Aroa.