"Aroa Genoveva brand was born in 2019 in Paris, but its history has more than 100 years with a familiar character, its roots come from the Canary Islands, where great grandfather Manuel Martín founded a small atelier to fix and create footwear, with a laid-back spirit, centered in sandals and espadrilles.


Manuel Martin, first designer


Manuel Martín.


After few years working, the workshop closed due to my great grandfather’s death, but my grandmother Genoveva Martín was in charge of his heritage and she transmitted to all of us the family heritance that she had received, the passion for shoes. So today, the brand carry his name.

With this background, a few years later, Aroa Genoveva was created with the intention of perpetuating the family tradition, with a freedom spirit, creating first quality designs with environmentally responsible materials, and, comes as no surprise that we are working to give life for the new collections of sandals and espadrilles.
Aroa Hernández, designer and CEO


Aroa Hernández.

Designer & CEO.



Operating as strong like a storm, free spirited, environmentally friendly and modern GIRLS!

The forms of footwear production, ecological and sustainable materials evolve every day improving each process, we want to evolve and learn with each new change, and offer our clients the best and most ethical espadrilles.

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